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Waterflo is among the leading dealers in kitchen and bathroom Rubinet faucets. In addition to the fine design and efficient performance, these faucets are marked by an exceptional cohesive design level and attention to detail. This is what makes Rubinet faucets famous globally. Waterflo is proud to be among the most reputable distributors of Rubinet faucets Toronto.

Rubinet, a world-class company that creates Rubinet faucets, was established in 1982. Ever since, the company has been rolling out an extensive selection of high-quality faucets and other accessories to suit all property owners’ needs and unique designs. All the Rubinet faucets we distribute are made of brass, hand polished, excellently textured, and finished using cutting-edge technology for durability and timeless beauty. This is the reason none of our previous clients has complained of a defective or substandard product.

At Waterflo, our primary objective is to distribute the most comprehensive collection of kitchen and bathroom faucets to all our clients in Toronto and beyond. The quality of the products we sell is indisputable and, most importantly, these products are available at an affordable price. In case you’re carrying out a home renovation, or you just want to replace your faucets, you can contact us for faucet supplies.

One thing that makes Waterflo a unique Robinet faucet distributor is the nature of our staff. These professionals are always ready to help our customers find the right kitchen or bathroom faucets that best suit their needs.

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