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From plumbing fixtures to bathroom accessories, we have everything you need for a successful kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

Finding the right bathroom or kitchen faucet can often be easier said than done. After all, you need to consider more than just aesthetics: the right faucet should be compatible with your sink, deliver all the necessary functionality, and simply look cohesive with the rest of the room. The good news is that whatever type of faucet you need, we likely have it!

Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks

Your bathroom and kitchen sinks are used again and again throughout the day, whether it be to freshen up, wash hands, clean dishes, or prep food. At Waterflo Kitchen & Bath Gallery, our mission is to help you find the perfect sink for your bathroom or kitchen – both in terms of function and aesthetics.

Toilets & Bidets

The importance of installing a comfortable and functional toilet should never be overlooked. Whether you are looking for a single-piece, two-piece, or wall-mounted toilet, we’ve got you covered! Plus, we also carry a selection of stand-alone bidets and bidet seats for the ultimate freshness.


A bathtub is so much more than a plumbing fixture used for personal hygiene reasons. The right bathtub can present a relaxing place to unwind at the end of the day, while the tub style choice can make or break the overall bathroom design. At the Waterflo bathroom store in Vaughan, we carry a broad variety of bathtub types to suit any taste and match any bathroom layout.

Shower & Tub Faucets

Something as simple as the right shower faucet system can turn a regular shower into a spa-like retreat. However, matching different components of shower and tub faucets can add unnecessary stress to an already-stressful bathroom update process. At Waterflo Kitchen & Bath Gallery, we carry a broad range of shower and tub faucet combinations to make your decision easier.

Shower Doors & Shower Bases

If you are updating your walk-in shower or installing a new one, you will need to purchase the right shower door and shower base. Not only do these crucial shower components determine the overall look and feel of your shower, but they also must provide an excellent water seal to prevent unwanted leaks. Shop our selection of high-quality, water-tight glass shower doors and acrylic shower bases.

Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity is a necessary item not only to hold the sink but to keep your personal hygiene essentials properly organized. At the Waterflo bathroom store in Vaughan, we are proud to offer a multitude of single and double vanities in a variety of widths to suit any bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom cannot be fully functional without a range of bathroom accessories, such as soap dishes, shower baskets, toilet paper holders, and towel bars and hooks. With Waterflo Kitchen & Bath Gallery, you can shop for all the bathroom essentials in one place, including even the smallest items.

With the Waterflo Gallery bathroom store in Vaughan, the possibilities are endless! Browse our rich collection of plumbing fixtures and accessories for your kitchen or bathroom.

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