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Blanco has been manufacturing high-quality kitchen faucets since 1925. Blanco has been making products of impeccable quality, unmatched attention to details, and innovative design in over 100 countries. Waterflo is the source for Blanco and is proud to carry the line of Blanco faucets. We’re happy to distribute an extensive line of excellent high-end Blanco faucets Toronto that will perfectly fit in your kitchen. Are you planning to renovate, redesign, or simply replace your kitchen faucet? Well, don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got you covered

At Waterflo, we provide high-quality Blanco kitchen faucets, compost systems, and kitchen sinks that represent excellence, aesthetics, functionality, and professionalism. We have a wide range of Blanco faucets to help you create the ideal kitchen suitable for your budget and lifestyle.

When buying kitchen faucets, consider your kitchen sink, kitchen décor themes, current plumbing capabilities, and the available space. Single-handle kitchen faucets save space because of the all-in-one fixture which allows one nozzle piece, hot, and cold gauge to be put together in one hole. On the other hand, the two-handle kitchen faucet will require three holes in the sink or countertop for the nozzle, hot, and cold gauge which are put separately.

We at Waterflo understand that your faucets are essential to your kitchen. Our showroom consultants will go above and beyond to make sure you get the perfect budget-friendly faucets that will suit your kitchen’s style and your personal tastes. Visit our showroom and check out the best kitchen faucets that will bring the best into your home.

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