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Don’t Let Bathroom Renovations Be Frustrating

Stylish Faucets in Toronto to Transform  Your Space

In a bathroom or kitchen overhaul, faucets can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the space. The fact that they come in an array of shapes and finishes makes it difficult to choose what best suits your space. It’s good to consider factors such as the size of your bathroom and the kind of faucets that are typically found in homes similar to yours. But we’re always here to help. Waterflo presents a world of possibilities when it comes to faucets Toronto. Whether you’re looking for faucets that offer better water conservation or more convenience, we’re here to help.

Kitchen Faucets

Your kitchen faucet when chosen right can be the showstopper that adds class and sophistication to the design. You’ll have endless options when it comes to kitchen faucets whether you’re replacing the current sink or using your existing one. Get a sleek faucet that complements the countertop bearing in mind its functionality. Remember that kitchen faucets come in many different finishes so it’s easy to find something that blends perfectly with the space. With the right finish and sealer, the faucet can maintain its new and shiny look for years. Popular finishes include polished chrome, nickel, stainless steel and decorative ceramic.

We’ve got trendy and beautifully finished kitchen faucets

At Waterflo, we stock the hottest trends in kitchen faucets. Whether you’re looking for faucets from top manufacturers such as American Standard or want the trendiest designs, our store has so many varieties to suit your needs. Our kitchen faucets offer you a guarantee of durability and style. Since kitchens are very busy environments, we make sure the faucet is designed with low maintenance demands. You’ll find a kitchen faucet with just the right finish which makes it easy to clean and last long. We’re happy to help you find just the right faucet for your dream kitchen.

Transform your bathroom with a stylish faucet

Looking for an ideal bathroom faucet that complements your unique style and adds functionality to the space? We’ve got you. Whether you’re replacing just the faucet and keeping the sink or buying a complete sink ensemble, we can help you find just the right faucet for your bathroom sink. You don’t have to go with the traditional metal and concrete finish when choosing the ideal faucet. There are so many options these days that will complement your bathroom even better.

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Bathtub Faucets

A unique bathtub faucet can totally transform your bathroom. When thinking of bathtub faucets, there’s so much to consider other than just the design. Because your tub’s style and color scheme will really determine what type of faucet is best, we recommend finding a tub before you begin shopping for a faucet. This will ensure you get a bathtub faucet that complements your tub.

Consider things like the style of your bathtub and overall bathroom design when choosing a faucet. For instance, if you want a vintage bathroom design, select a faucet in the same style. Bathroom faucets also come with other features such as a hand shower. At Waterflo, we have freestanding, wall-mounted and deck-mounted faucets which blend with different bathroom designs, if you need help in finding a tub faucet that has just the right finish to coordinate well with the tub, we’re here for you.

Quality bathtub faucets that fit your needs and budget

You probably have several styles and accessory choices when it comes to your bathtub faucet. We’re happy to help you find a faucet that meets your design goals at a good price and without having to skimp on quality. Get a faucet that has a long lifespan and is guaranteed to serve you and your family for years. We’ll give you so many choices when it comes to style and accessories, so you don’t have to feel like you’re just settling.

Bathtub faucets- Stylish accents in your bathroom

We cover different styles, configurations, and finishes of bathtub faucets so you’ll never miss something that fits your budget and aesthetic needs. If you need a deck-mount bathtub faucet that has a modern look and gives you more space in a smaller tub, we’ll show you some amazing options. Consider making changes to your bathtub faucet design such as getting three handles faucets that divert water easily.

Bathroom Sink Faucets

When choosing the right faucet for your bathroom, we would recommend looking at other elements in the space such as the lighting fixtures, door hardware, and towel bars. Choose a finish that goes well with these elements to create a cohesive look. When choosing a faucet finish, make sure you understand its maintenance demands. For instance, a faucet with a polished finish will look stunning in your bathroom but needs to be constantly maintained to keep its shine. We recommend bathroom faucets with a brushed finish because they really hide water spots and fingerprints well and are very easy to clean especially in busy family bathrooms.

Versatile bathroom faucet styles

If it’s variety you’re looking for, Waterflo offers you a range of faucet styles to choose from well-known kitchen designers in the region. Most of the faucets will have a different design on the spout. You can choose whatever works to add charm and a unique personality in your bathroom space. You can even choose a faucet with a low-flow aerator to save hundreds of gallons of water every year in your home.