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Are you making small updates to your home? Or, perhaps, you have embarked on the journey of a full kitchen or bathroom remodel? Whatever the case, choosing the right bathroom or kitchen faucet for your Vaughan home is of the utmost importance. Aside from the style, material, and finish of the faucet, you should keep in mind its functionality and practicality.

Luckily, at Waterflo Kitchen & Bath Gallery, we carry a rich selection of bathroom and kitchen faucets to meet any style preferences and functionality requirements.

Endless Options to Consider

At Waterflo Gallery, we are happy to offer a wide selection of bathroom and kitchen faucets to meet the design and functionality requirements of any Vaughan homeowner.

Bathroom Faucets in Vaughan

Bathroom faucets in Vaughan are available in all kinds of finishes, styles, colours, and sizes. Picking such a faucet should be done carefully, as you will likely be keeping it for many years to come. Plus, it should match the overall aesthetics of the room and the design of your other bathroom fixtures.

Single-Hole Faucets

Single-hole faucets, also known as single-handle or single-lever faucets, have only one handle, which controls both the water pressure and its temperature. As the name suggests, a single-hole faucet will require only one hole in the bathroom counter for installation.

Wide-Spread Faucets

Wide-spread faucets come with a spout and two separate handles for hot and cold water. Typically, holes for such faucets need to be placed up to 10 inches away from each other. Wide-spread faucets are a popular choice for a more traditional look and come in a broad range of styles and finishes.

Wall-Mount Faucets

Wall-mount faucets are attached to the wall rather than being attached to the counter or the sink. Such faucets extend over the sink and come in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes, and colours. Many of our customers choose to go with a wall-mount design for its clean appearance and modern look.

Vessel Faucets

With a vessel faucet, the sink will be sitting on top of a bathroom counter or the vanity rather than being inset like a traditional under-mount sink. The holes for the faucet will then be drilled into the countertop or the vanity. The faucet itself must be high enough to clear the rim of the vessel sink basin – in most cases, this means at least four inches in height.

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Bathtub Faucets in Vaughan

Choosing a bathtub faucet is not an easy fit either. Different types of tubs will require different types of faucets, so make sure to first finalize your tub choice before shopping for the perfect bathtub faucet in Vaughan.

Freestanding Tub Faucets

This type of faucet stands freely and is designed specifically for tubs without any pre-drilled holes. Freestanding tub faucets are also called “standalone” or “floor-mounted” faucets since they are attached directly to the floor and hang over the edge of the tub.

Wall-Mount Tub Faucets

This is the most traditional type of bathtub faucet. Attached directly to the wall over the tub edge, wall-mount faucets keep the tub deck uncluttered for a clean look. The faucet will be connected to the water supply directly behind the wall, which means that all the supply lines will be hidden from sight.

Deck-Mount Tub Faucets

Deck-mount, or rim-mounted, faucets are the perfect choice for bathtubs that have pre-drilled holes on the rim of the tub. The distance between the holes can vary depending on the style of the tub, so make sure to measure it carefully center-to-center and choose the faucet accordingly.

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Kitchen Faucets in Vaughan

Without a doubt, a faucet is a must-have item in any kitchen: it provides running water for cooking, dishes, and hand washing. However, a kitchen sink faucet is not the only type of faucet worth installing in your kitchen! At Waterflo Kitchen & Bath Gallery, we also carry pot filler faucets, soap dispensers, and instant hot faucets.

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Modern-looking single-hole faucets, convenient pullout faucets, traditional bridge faucets… The selection of kitchen sink faucets offered at Waterflo Gallery can make your head spin. When it comes to kitchen faucets in Vaughan, functionality is of the most importance, so consider your needs carefully before making the final decision.

Pot Fillers

Especially popular for gourmet kitchens, pot filler faucets typically mount to the wall to accommodate a high, fold-away spout suitable for filling large, deep pots. If you love cooking soup or pasta, installing a pot filler faucet in your kitchen is a must!

Soap Dispensers

What can look more elegant than a built-in soap dispenser that coordinates with your kitchen sink faucet? Not only does it look amazing, but a built-in soap dispenser allows you to save more countertop space and is much easier to keep clean than a typical countertop soap dispenser.

Instant Hot Faucets

An instant hot faucet works like an electric water heater, taking water from your home’s main supply and instantly heating it with an electrical element within an insulated water tank. Most instant hot faucets will give you water between 96°C and 99°C, instantly.

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Choosing a faucet can be tricky, and the variety of styles and prices can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, with Waterflo Kitchen & Bath Gallery in Vaughen, finding the right faucet for your bathroom or kitchen is easy! Whether you require a wall-mounted bathroom faucet, a stand-alone bathtub faucet, or even a kitchen soap dispenser, we’ve got you covered.

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