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American Standard

Searching for high performance toilets becomes easy when you come to WaterFlo. We sell ultra-high standard products from reputable brands.

What makes Us So Good?

To begin with, we have experience spanning over 20 years in the home fittings business. The drive to supply our customers with supreme merchandise has continuously earned us an unbeatable dominance when it comes to Canadian households in addition to airports, hotels, and stadiums.

We deal in fascinating items such as toilets, toilet seats, bidets, and so much more. Ours is a company that sells top-notch goods made by top-shelf brands to ensure our customers are getting only the best.

American Standard toilets Toronto are one of the items we have and they will not only enable you to handle bathroom business effectively but also complement other finishes in your home which is one of the reasons they are so famous in Toronto. These beautiful products come in various designs, colors, and shapes, and have EverClean® surfaces so you don’t have to worry about stains.

These toilets have several distinctive flushing systems that ensure less water usage and no clogs. Your safety is always first and that is why we have chosen products from a brand that makes slow-close toilet seats, eliminating the slamming of seats and lids which can be dangerous to even small children.

Let us make you grateful by providing you with the finest bidets, toilets, or toilet seats from American Standard at pocket-friendly prices. After purchasing these easy-fitting products, you will notice family and friends smiling every time they head to your transformed, awe-inspiring lavatory space.

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