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Bold, Innovative And Powerful

Toilets Toronto

Today’s toilets are designed to be bold, innovative and powerful. You need to upgrade to a toilet that not only complements your bathroom design but is efficient and fully functional. At Waterflo, we stock a comprehensive collection of toilets Toronto. We provide our clients quality reliable options that will instantly boost the resale value of their property. Whether you’re looking for one with a powerful flush or water conservation features, we have options from reputable manufacturers at our store. Each toilet has been handpicked to meet our clients’ needs and budget while making sure we deliver quality and lifelong durability.

Powerful Toilet Systems

Our toilets, sourced from well-known brands and top manufacturers, are made using innovative designs and technology. We have toilets with unique features to optimize water speed and pressure as well as making sure you cut back on utility bills. Some come with effective flush systems designed to get rid of up to two pounds of bulk waste in a single flush. Invest in a high-efficient design that meets all the required industry standards. We know that saving water shouldn’t mean sacrificing on the design. That’s why our modern toilets have a beautiful finish and style to complement the best features in your bathroom.

Keep Your Bathroom Super Clean

The toilet you choose will determine how easy it is to keep your bathroom clean and sanitized. High-end designs available at Waterflo are designed to thoroughly rinse the bowl with every single flush. When a toilet operates with maximum water flow, you can be assured of a clean bowl after every use. We provide options that allow you to maintain cleanliness and efficiency in your bathroom.

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Exceptional Performance Guaranteed

Our toilets have numerous attributes that contribute to making them efficient. We ensure the designs we offer clients meet the standards of quality in Toronto. With this, you can be guaranteed total performance when you buy a toilet at Waterflo. Regardless of the style, size and type you choose, we assure every client value and superior quality.

We have round and elongated toilet bowls depending on the needs of the space. Toilets with round bowls are often preferred in smaller bathrooms and they also cost less than the ones with elongated bowls. However, we’d recommend one with an elongated bowl is you’re looking for enhanced comfort and a more powerful flush. Whatever your preferences are, we’re happy to work with you to find the perfect toilet.

Whether you are in the process of renovating your bathroom or simply need to replace an old or broken toilet, we can help you find a product that best suits your needs and budget. We carry a wide range of models to ensure every client finds what is right for their space. We know that there are many features to consider when buying a toilet that’s why we offer all the detailed information about each product on our site. If you are looking to enhance comfort, efficiency and eco-friendliness, shop for a durable toilet at Waterflo.