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Mirolin Bathroom Products

Affect The Look Of The Entire Bathroom

Mirolin Company

Mirolin is a renowned acrylic tub and shower manufacturer in Toronto that has been around for the past 40 years. At Waterflo, we strive to work with local manufacturers and support the Canadian economy. Mirolin is a company that has grown to become a Canadian bath industry leader offering a wide range of innovative and trendsetting bath and shower products. Many of their products are highly reviewed by not only homeowners but also contractors because of their unwavering reputation for exceeding their customer expectations.

Not only is Mirolin committed to manufacturing the highest standard of products but also on continuous improvement and innovation which is what sets them apart from other manufacturers of bath and shower products in the region.

Commitment to quality

The Mirolin brand has a goal to always adhere to the highest standards to offer their valued clients the most reliable experience. That’s why we have partnered with the manufacturer to offer quality and dependability to our clients. Bath and shower products are often exposed to heavy use and if they aren’t built to withstand this day to day pressure, you won’t get value for money. This manufacturer has, over the years, offered its clients innovative products with the latest designs so you’ll never have to compromise style for functionality. Their extensive and complete product assortment enables us to give our clients the flexibility to choose what suits their needs and budget. Their bath and shower products are ideal to suit all home renovation or construction needs.

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Mirolin Bathtubs

Bathtubs play an important role in any bathroom. They can help to create a dramatic and unique focal point and contribute immensely to the bathroom design. Mirolin stocks a wide range of bathtubs including free-standing, drop-in and alcove bathtub. Their bathtubs come in numerous shapes, sizes and colours to suit any style or taste. They have impressive bath lines that reflect luxury, classic and chic style. Whether you’re looking to add value to your home or transform your bath into a spa, Mirolin bathtubs can help you achieve it all. Visit us at Waterflo and check out the amazing collection of Mirolin available and we’ll help you design your bath just the way you want it.

Mirolin Shower Bases

Mirolin has an extensive collection of shower base solutions to fit different needs. From arc to square and rectangular shower bases, you can choose just the right shower base to add style and functionality to your bathroom. Whether you’re planning on rebuilding your shower or installing a new shower, the shape and material of your shower base will largely affect the look of your entire space. If you’re ever looking for shower bases that will last a long time and look the part, consider Mirolin. You’ll find just the perfect item to match or accent the rest of your bathroom.