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Victoria and Albert Sinks Toronto

Complement your bathtub and other bathroom fixtures with matching Victoria and Albert sinks. The Victoria and Albert products include inset and countertop models. They are available in both traditional and modern styles for you to pick from. Some of the sinks have been custom made to suit specific bathtubs while others complement various models naturally and fit most bathroom styles.

The sinks are made using a special material known as ENGLISHCAST®. It is a material made up of Volcanic Limestone rich composite which guarantees that the bathroom sinks deliver practicality and aesthetics with a scratch resistant surface and brilliant durability.

Each of the products featured in our collection below has been handpicked by our experienced staff. Although the collection is made up of the fast moving models, we also take custom orders to match your unique bathroom needs. All you need to do is give us a call with your requirements and our team will get to work, helping you find exactly what you need.

If you are replacing what you have or need to install a new sink, we can help you find the right sinks. We, however, recommend that you take accurate measurements of the sink and holes so as to make sure that the new sink fits perfectly. You should also not be afraid to explore different material options to refresh the look of your bathroom.

These brand of sinks will not disappoint you. Browse through our selection and pick the sink that works best for you.

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