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Bathtub Faucets

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There is nothing that communicates your fashion sense in a bathroom better than a faucet does. From the Retro-RT08L 8” LAVATORY FAUCET to the 1KRT, we have the kind of faucets that easily enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

It comes as a surprise to many to see the power a bathroom accessory such as the faucet holds in bringing out beauty and style. Important and beautiful as they are, you ought not to overlook the performance aspect of bathtub faucets and shower faucets Toronto as this is another vital area that needs attention.

A Variety of Faucets for you

Waterflo has hundreds of models that vary from basic, high-quality classical models to the advanced bathtub or shower models with adjustable spray heads. These models come in different colors, materials, designs, and styles depending on what you are searching for.

Generally, there are two types of faucets. There is the compression variety which has two handles which allow warm and cold water to flow from each individual handle. Then there is the single handled variety which uses a technology called mixing valves that allows both cold and hot water to flow through.

As faucets are used recurrently in the home, ensure to take your time when you are shopping for one. Analyze all models we have before you buy one that matches your bathtub or shower sink.

Another thing we suggest you do is to visit our showroom to view these products. Here you will meet our ready and specialized staff who will be ready to answer any questions you have. You can also call in with your questions. Get in touch today.


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