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Drop In Bathtub

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There is nothing that perfectly compares to a soothing soak to ease the stress of a long day. Nobody understands that better than Water Flo. We offer the ultimate selection of high-quality tubs. The drop in tubs makes our list of classy tubs.

For that upscale look, the drop-in bathtubs come with a self-rimming edge. They get their name from the fact that they are dropped into a platform. These are a great choice for many bathrooms. They can be installed in virtually any location, unlike the Alcove bathtubs that are installed at a location where they are surrounded by three walls.

Another great thing about the drop in bathtubs Toronto is that they come in a wide range of design options. You will certainly find a look that perfectly coordinates with your bathroom. At Water Flo, we strive to provide the best quality, performance as well as value in our products. Our selection includes drop-in tubs in unlimited designs, finishes, and sizes. We have exactly what you are looking for to fit your unique bathroom needs.

Give us a call today with your specifications on the ideal bathtub. Let us know the color that you are looking for as well as the size. Don’t forget to mention the location where you plan on installing these tubs. Our team will help you find that perfect tub that not only matches the theme in your bathroom but one that fits your lifestyle. We also accept custom orders.

Take a look at our selection below and give us a call. We are happy to hear from you and offer the help that you need.


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