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Bath Tubs

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Bathroom renovations are not easy jobs to do, but we guarantee you that a bathtub is the most worthwhile thing to install in your bathroom. Not only does it transform the bathroom into an admirable space, it will also have you spending quality time enjoying a warm, bubbly bath, which is good for relaxation.

At Waterflo, part of our goal is providing you with bathtubs Toronto of all styles, shapes, and features. Our bathtubs possess all the modern features you would love, and we offer them at a fair price so that you can acquire the bathtub that matches your personal needs.

What type of bathtubs do we have?

We have limitless options for bathtubs to choose from. Among some of the bathtubs we have include the tub-shower combination tub which is ideal if you have a small bathroom space, the drop-in which is perfect for customization and is efficient in a large bathroom space.  

For those searching for a more modern touch, we have bathtubs that have jets to give you a massage, others have LED lights that change color underwater. Need to listen to music while taking a relaxing shower?  We have bathtubs that have speakers attached to them through a computer Bluetooth.

This is not all, our bathtubs guarantee your safety at all times. These bathtubs have seating areas as well as cost-effective materials such as fiberglass, acrylics, copper, and cast-iron which help you not to slip or fall.

To discover these and more bathtubs we have on sale, call us immediately.


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