For 40 years, Mirolin has grown to become a leading bathtub manufacturer in Canada, producing innovative and trendsetting acrylic bathtubs and shower products. Waterflo knows very well how hard it is when it comes to choosing bathtubs and bathroom designs from the many products available in the market. To make sure our customers get the right Mirolin bathtubs Canada, we have been distributing high-quality products from industry leaders who have an unwavering reputation. Are you looking for the perfect Mirolin bathtub that will get you to serenity and peace after a long day? Well, we’ve got you covered.

As you may know, bathtubs play a very important role in your bathroom. They create a unique and dramatic focal point which contributes immensely to your bathroom design. Waterflo offers a wide variety of Mirolin bathtubs including alcove, free-standing and drop-in bathtub. We proudly distribute bathtubs that are of numerous shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your budget and style. The Mirolin tubs, have remarkable bath lines that reflect elegance, luxury, and class. Whether you’re planning to install or rebuild your bathtub, the material and shape of your tub will largely affect how your entire space will look like.

Waterflo distributes Mirolin bathtubs that craftily combines the calmness of the water, the force of air, and the comfort of heat to provide you with an effective and smooth massage. The wide range of Mirolin bathtubs gives you an excellent selection and designs that will turn your bathtub into an oasis. Our showroom consultants will help you get a Mirolin bathtub with slip-resistant properties, fully adjustable components, and special drain features. Visit our showroom and we will be happy to give you advice and answer all your questions.

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