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Duravit has been in the business for almost 200 years supplying bathtubs, bathroom furniture, accessories, and more. At Waterflo, we proudly present you with a wide range of quality bathtubs that are well known for their safety, durability, comfort, design, state-of-the-art technology and therapeutic benefits. We will provide you with an excellent Duravit bathtub Toronto that looks like a washbasin and has a pleasantly warm feel.

With Duravit bathtubs, you don’t have to worry about space due to shower + bath design, it combines a shower, modern bathroom design, high-quality bathtub, shelf, seat, and optimal use of space, which is an advantage when it comes to bathroom planning. Made from advanced cast mineral DuraSolid, the bathtubs are specially designed to blend perfectly with washbowl design. Whether as back-to-wall, free-standing, built-in or corner version, the tubs provide impressively precise lines and add a luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Along with a touch of genius and elements that can be separately combined, these quality products will make it easy to transform any bathtub into a seat or storage area, relaxation deck or changing mat. With a Duravit bathtub, you’ll experience beneficial after-effects and bubbling bathing pleasure. The air bubbles and the water massage stimulate your blood flow leaving you feeling lighter and relaxed, while the tension and muscular pain disappear.

We at Watreflo, invite those in Toronto and the surrounding areas to come and see a display of high-quality and elegant bathtubs and bathroom fixtures that will make your dream a reality. Our showroom associates would be happy to give you the best advice and get all your questions answered.

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