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Bathroom Accessories

Contribute Immensely To The Overall Design

Bathroom Accessories Toronto

At Waterflo, we present you with unique and high-quality add-ons for your bathroom. You can instantly transform the look and feel of your bath area with our stunning products. Choose from a collection of innovative products manufactured by well-known names in the industry. Whether you are in the initial stages of planning a bathroom design or you simply want to throw in some cool accessories in your existing bathroom, we have just the right products to meet your needs.

Bathroom Accessories To Enhance Style And Function

The accessories you choose to incorporate in your bathroom will not only add beauty to the space but also make it more usable. Choose the best bathroom accessories Toronto from Waterflo to add overall comfort in your bathroom. We have a collection that will match different styles and set the tone for the rest of the attachments you choose. From faucets to sinks, towel racks, tissue holders and mirrors, you have numerous items available at Waterflo to upgrade your bathroom.

Stay Organized And Veat With Our Bathroom Accessories

Imagine the mess that soap can create when it dissolves or towels that are lying on the floor. Prevent this by investing in small items that can make a big impact in how your bathroom looks and functions. These include a soap dish, toothbrush holder and shower curtain that may change the outlook of your entire bathroom and help you to maintain a certain level of neatness. Save yourself from the nightmare of an untidy and unkempt bathroom space by getting just the right add-ons at Waterflo.

But don’t just pick these items randomly because they do have an impact on your overall bathroom décor. We have timeless pieces that make a statement in any modern bathroom. Choose accessories that vary in color, shape, texture, size and material. Some of the products on our store such as vases are purely for decorative purposes.

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Enjoy Flexibility In Design

Our bathroom accessories can set the mood and tone in your bathroom. Whether you are looking for a distinct style or add-ons that complement your existing bathroom features, we’re happy to give you a collection of durable and unique products to choose from. We know the right accessories can make your bathroom more inviting and cozy. That’s why we strive to provide you with a diverse collection that suits all style needs.

Find bathroom attachments that work well for your layout and space. At Waterflo, we handpick the best items that are practical and stylish for our consumers to upgrade their bathrooms without breaking the bank. Whatever your desires are when it comes to the shape, type or finish of bathroom add-ons, we are happy to offer a comprehensive collection. Take a close look at your bathroom and analyze the space to figure out what products would work best for you. You can browse through our store for accessories that will stand out and give your bathroom a timeless appeal.

Bathroom Accessories Types

A bathroom is not just a place to take a shower or a bath – it needs to be stylish and well maintained as this will have an impact on how your day will turn out. There are several bathroom accessories that you can use today to make your bathroom modern, stylish, safe, and comfortable without compromising on functionality.

  1. Round Mirrors with Glass Slab Holders: No bathroom is complete without a mirror, mostly placed above the wash basin. Make your mirror part of the bathroom décor by buying a fancy round one that has decorative elements. Brushing your teeth in the morning will feel quite different.
  2. Antique Ceramic Bathroom Accessories: Ceramic bathroom accessories give an antique look. The antique element can be enhanced by having calligraphic writing on the front top.
  3. Designer Bathroom Ware: You can always use accessories that are made specifically for your bathroom. This allows you to use the color and style that exactly matches your bathroom décor. You can be as innovative as you like.
  4. Wooden Bathroom Holders: Wooden accessories give bathrooms a rich and elegant look. You need not use expensive wood to get the desired effect – you can even use reclaimed wood. Wood can make such bathroom accessories as brush stands, soap holders, toilet paper roll stands, and towel holding shelves. The holders can be accompanied by white painted wooden lids.
  5. Retro Double Rack Copper Shelves: Double rack shelves have been around since the 1990s and they have been making a comeback, with copper being the preferred material. The simpler the design, the better.
  6. Hair Dryer Holders: Hair dryer holders are used everywhere from motels to 5-star hotels. The holder can be made of metal or plastic.
  7. Bamboos Liquid Soap Dispensers: If you have something against metal or plastic accessories, consider using bamboo-made accessories. Bamboo makes eye-catching liquid soap dispensers.
  8. Wooden Laminated Storage Cupboards: A storage cupboard below the washbasin has great functional and aesthetic value. It requires less cleaning compared to open shelves. You can make your cupboard attractive by laminating the outside door with laminating sheets that look like wood.
  9. Stainless Steel Bathroom Holders: Stainless steel accessories give bathrooms a sleek and modern look, especially when used alongside white colored walls. You can buy sets of brush holders, towel stands, and cleaner stands.
  10. Marble Bathroom Holders: Marble can be used to make a variety of bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and soap holders. Marble gives your bathroom a posh look.
  11. Grey Stone Toothbrush Holder: Grey Stone makes for beautiful accessories when used where minute artwork is required such as on the outer part of the toothbrush holder. Grey Stone gives a unique and modern look that is very beautiful.
  12. Crochet Designery Holder: Crochet hand weaved designery makes for great toothbrush holders and towel holders. You can make the cover to the holders yourself.
  13. Bathroom Mats: Every bathroom needs a good mat for comfort, safety, and aesthetic value. You can go for cotton, woolen, or synthetic mats depending on the rest of the bathroom décor, but note woolen and cotton mats need regular washing and maintenance.

What Comes in a Set of Bathroom Accessories?

Most manufacturers sell bathroom accessories in sets. It makes economic sense to them and to you to buy these accessories in sets since individual components do not cost much (shipping costs might be higher than their cost). Sets of bathroom accessories will also give you a homogeneous design instead of a disjointed one with individual components. So, what comes in a set of bathroom accessories?

Bathroom accessory sets often come in a single style. A manufacturer may offer the same components in everything from contemporary to traditional styles so that the set can fit in perfectly with your bathroom décor for a unified look.

You can also get a bathroom accessory set made of a particular material. As an example, you could get a set of holders made of bamboo or stainless steel. You could also get a set of mats made of wool, cotton, or synthetic material. Other common materials for bathroom sets are metallic gold or silver, retro ceramic, marble bathroom, wood, grey stone, crochet designery (to cover toothbrush, towel and other holders), and even plastic.

There is no standard for what is included in bathroom accessory sets. Your choice should, therefore, be based on your particular requirements. This also means that sets work best when you have a clean slate (when you do not have many accessories already installed in your bathroom). The most common items you will get in sets are mats, towel racks and rings, lotion pumps, tumblers, shower curtains, soap dispensers, soap dishes and cups, wastebaskets, tissue boxes, and toothbrush holders. Most sets also include resin hooks alongside the accessories.

There is also no standard for the number of accessories in a bathroom set. Most manufacturers sell both big and small bathroom sets, depending on the number of accessories you need. An extensive set will have around 8 pieces, but you can even have a set with 18 pieces.

You should be careful not to fill your bathroom with accessories. Just because a set has 18 pieces does not mean you have to use all of them. Overusing accessories will leave your bathroom feeling crowded and cheap. Only use the accessories you need. The size of the bathroom should also guide your choice of the number of accessories to use.

At Waterflo, we offer unique and high-quality bathroom accessory sets. Our team has the experience and training necessary to advise you on what goes best with the rest of your bathroom décor. We pick sets that will not only add beauty to the bathroom space, but also make it more usable. We don’t pick accessories randomly because we understand that even the smallest accessory can have an impact on the overall bathroom décor.

We only carry bathroom accessory sets from top manufacturers. Our brands include Disegno Maier, Laloo, Paradox, and Rubinet Raven Collection. Email us today at [email protected] or call us at (416) 623-8131 to speak to one of our experienced designers on your bathroom accessory needs.